Y4 - Blackcaps

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 4 Summer Term 2016

Spring Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 4 Spring Term 2016

In maths, the children have been learning how to solve problems involving multiplicative reasoning. They have concentrated on finding factor pairs, multiplying three numbers together and on using place value counters to represent how to multiply a one by two digit number. The children have also solved problems involving scaling and finding fractions of amounts and quantities. They are now moving onto geometric reasoning and will be learning about coordinates, translation and the properties of shape.

In English, the children have been exploring instructional and explanatory language in Marvin and Milo’s investigations. They have carried out lots of exciting investigations linked to their topic on ‘Wonderful Water’ and have written these up using cartoon strips in the style of Marvin and Milo’s. Children have carried out a stringy water investigation and DIY chromatography. Please ask them what they’ve done.

14.3.16 14.3.16 2

Children have continued to learn about water and now understand how to save water and keep it clean. They have also been writing information guides and poems on rivers. In PE children have continued to do running in PE and practice working as a team as part of their games lessons. The children will have an RE day on Friday focusing on Islam.

In maths, the children have been learning how to solve problems involving addition and subtraction and they are now beginning a new learning journey focusing on Number Sense again. In this learning journey, the children will learn about fractions including tenths and hundredths and how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

In English, the children have now written their own stories based on a season or kind of weather of their choice and how this creates a problem for one of their characters. They are now editing and revising their stories for the Extraordinary English wall. The children have also made notes on rivers, as part of their Wonderful Water topic, which they will turn into an information guide.

8.2.16 8.2.16 2

In Science, the children have been learning about solids, liquids and gases and the water cycle. They have understood terms such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation in terms of describing different parts of the water cycle. The children will have their last swimming lesson on Wednesday 10th February, 2016 and will then have indoor PE on Monday afternoons and outdoor games again on Thursday afternoons after half term.

In maths, the children are completing a learning journey on number sense and additive reasoning. As part of this, they have been learning about counting backwards including negative numbers, positioning numbers on a number line, rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and Roman numerals. Next, they will be revisiting methods for adding and subtracting.

In English, children have been reading ‘Winter’s child’ and learning the story. They have also looked at examples of expanded noun phrases and adverbials from the text and have used these to create their own. The children have also discussed what they like and dislike about the text and have also noted down anything that puzzles them about it. They have also spotted patterns in the text, e.g. repetition and rhyme.  

11.1.16 3

The children’s spring term topic will be ‘Wonderful Water’ where they will learn about solids, liquids and gases, the water cycle, local, national and international rivers and how people use water in their everyday lives. They will also do a local study of the river Torridge and explore water habitats. The children have also studied the techniques of the artist Monet particularly in terms of how he used light and colour in his paintings. Children have recreated some of Monet’s most famous work on water lilies.

11.1.16 11.1.16 2

In PE, Blackcaps are doing gymnastics on Monday afternoons when they will need their indoor PE kit. They will be swimming on Wednesday mornings until half term.

Autumn Term.

To view the Curriculum Overview for the Autumn Term please click here.

Our learning in mathematics has focused on geometric reasoning. The children have been learning how to classify 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties. For example, children have looked at different kinds of angles in shapes and how we know which 3D shapes are prisms. The children have also looked at identifying lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

In English, the children are now coming towards the end of their learning journey on instructions. They have learnt about the features of instructions and used good models of writing to create their own instructional text around making cookies. The children are now writing instructions for making Canopic jars as part of their topic work on ancient Egypt.

In Science, the children are continuing to work on electricity and circuits. They have been planning and carrying out fair tests involving circuits. In topic, they will be having an ancient Egyptian day on Friday 11th December where they will celebrate the learning they have done on this. The children are also rehearsing for their KS2 Christmas production which will take place on Tuesday 15th December.

The children also enjoyed their trip to the tennis centre on Thursday 26th November. Some of the pictures from their games are shown below.

7.12.15 7.12.15 2

Our learning in mathematics has focused on multiplying a two by one digit number and multiplying three numbers together. Children have also represented their calculations using place value counters so they have an understanding of the size of each number. In English, the children have written an information guide on ancient Egypt and have edited and revised this.

 231101  231102

They have also recently started a new learning journey on instructional writing. The children are currently reading instructions and practising sequencing jumbled up instructions. The children have also been exploring how to make circuits and working out how to make a bulb brighter or dimmer.

Our learning in mathematics has moved on to focus on multiplicative reasoning. The children have been focusing on learning multiplication and division facts for the 6, 7 and 9 times tables. They have also been making links between different times table facts and using these facts to solve problems.

In English, the children have now completed their learning journey on writing letters to and from an agony aunt. They focused on a range of issues which are relevant to them in their letters and produced some imaginative and thoughtful writing.

The children have been developing their art skills during our topic work through making and decorating a Canopic jar. Children have also found out about Canopic jars and what the Egyptians used these for.

Year 4 children also have taken part in the cross country race at Kingsley school with some great performances from all runners.
Excellent performances came from Dylan Smith (1st), William Buck (3rd) and Ryley Curtis (4th).

8.11.15 8.11.15 2

In Maths, the children have been learning how to read and write numbers, order these and discuss the place value of each digit in a number. They have also practiced representing numbers using base 10 apparatus and have solved mathematical problems linked to their topic on the Ancient Egyptians.

In English, the children are looking at fantasy stories and have read Jack and the Dreamsack which is all about dreams. They have learnt this story and have now boxed it up and will be using this structure to write their own stories.



Children have started their topic on Ancient Egypt and have learnt how to use hieroglyphics to crack codes related to their topics. They have also started researching the Ancient Egyptians as part of their topic box activity in Guided Reading.

Please remember that your children need to bring their PE kits on Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor games). This term the children will be learning how to play Badminton (indoor) and will also be coached to play tennis (outdoors).