Y5 - Dippers

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 5 Summer Term 2016

Spring Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 5 Spring Term 2016

Hello and welcome back to the new-year and new term. Firstly, I know it seems like a long time ago now but I would like to say congratulations to all of the Year 5 children on a fabulous Christmas production. It was a very hectic period but I’m sure you will agree that it was well worth the hard work and stress! Moving to the present, the Dippers have come back fully refreshed and revitalised ready for the Spring term and have begun this term as they ended the last, working extremely well!

On a personal note I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Robinson and Mrs. Runeckles for looking after the class in the first week of term as I went off to have surgery on my foot. The reports I got back from both of them while I was off were very positive and proved to me what a fabulous, kind hearted and dedicated group of children they are. Well done and thank you to all of them!

During that first week, Mr Robinson introduced the tricky concept of fractions, fractions of amounts and how to convert improper fractions into the form of mixed numbers. Since then we have been looking at how these link to decimals and percentages and how all three of these aspects are related to one another. Considering how difficult these ideas are in the Year 5 curriculum, I couldn’t be more impressed as to how the children have handled the work and shown me how much they have progressed since the start of September.

The bulk of our English learning has been centred on performance poetry and how fantastic authors such as Roald Dahl in his Revolting Rhymes collection has used several features of descriptive writing. Being able to identify rhyme, repetition, alliteration and humour in these examples has enabled the children to have a go at recreating a traditional fairy-tale story in the form of a poem. Combining this with a refresher week on grammar and punctuation with Mr Robinson at the start of the term has ensured that the children’s writing has come on leaps and bounds, very much in a similar fashion to the Maths.

Our new topic for this term is the Anglo Saxons and we have had a brief introduction as to who they were, where they came from and what their beliefs were. We have also been reading our class novel Beowulf that is linked to this period of time and will be using it as a model for our English writing in the coming weeks.

We have been boogying away in the hall during our indoor PE lessons to the 1920’s dance craze the Lindy hop learning the three main steps (hop-kick, hand-jive and the Charleston step) and choreographing our own energy filled two minute performances. Outside in PE we have been learning the skills and rules of netball and are going to be incorporating this into a game situation, if the weather allows!

I look forward to another action packed term with the Dippers this Spring, filled with plenty of activities and exciting opportunities that are, at the moment, in the pipeline so watch this space!

Autumn Term.

To view the Curriculum Overview for the Autumn Term please click here.

Hello! This past month in Dippers we have covered lots of different exciting areas and completed lots of fabulous work. Here is just a snippet of what we have been up to;

In our Maths learning we have been working through our geometric reasoning block which combines all of our knowledge of shape, angles and measurements and merges them together to form devious word problems. The children have created 3D shapes from 2D nets, have been shape and angle finding around the classroom and completing missions delivered to us by the inconspicuous secret agent Cairns!

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During English, the class have produced some beautiful haikus that were decorated with watercolour paint. We learnt about the format of this style of poem and enjoyed playing the syllables game to make sure we had followed this correctly. We are coming to the end of our next block on persuasive letters and the children have been trying to persuade companies to protect our sea environment. They have done this by showing the reader their emotions through powerful language whilst also using rhetorical questions to make the reader think about the consequences of their actions.

We have also had our half termly RE day that coincided with the Hindu festival of Diwali and we had a fun filled day that was similar to that of a traditional Hindu family. We created Rangoli patterns to border our chalk Indian skyline silhouette, had a messy morning making and painting our salt dough Diwa lamps and then finished off the day with a Diwali coconut sweet that went down very well indeed! As well as all this we raised lots of money dressing up as heroes for Children in Need and were certainly the class that looked the most super!

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We have (at the time of writing) handed out the roles for the Christmas performance and the scripts to accompany this so we hope that the children will be practicing them as much as possible to make sure our production is one to remember! Finally, I’m sure you will also join me in wishing Mrs. Runeckles a speedy recovery from her nasty flu and we hope that she is back fully fit ready for the final push to Christmas and the new-year in Year 5!

Hello! This past month in Dippers has been pretty hectic and as we approach the first half term of the year, the children are not letting up on their exceptional behaviour and magnificent work ethic in class.

In our Maths learning the children have been practicing all of the different written methods of calculation for the four operations and then applying this to devilish word problems that Mr. Downing has set. They have also learnt about measurements this half term and how they can be applied to real life contexts in the form of our measures morning. This involved timing themselves in sprint races, weighing ingredients to bake cakes, using their judgement skills to work out the capacity of water bottles and also measuring the distance they could throw a javelin. It was definitely a morning to remember!
During English, the class have produced two fabulous pieces of writing based on two different genres. The first was a narrative story based around the Ted Hughes book ‘How The Whale Became’ and after looking at how he created some beautiful setting descriptions, the children managed to recreate this in their own work. At the moment, we are just coming to the end of our information text block that focusses on the children’s chosen sea creature. They have been researching facts out of information books and off of the internet whilst using note taking skills to gather as much detail as possible for their final piece.
Throughout our topic work this half term in Dippers, we have been producing some beautiful art in the form of an underwater collage and a sketched observational drawing of their chosen sea creature. The children have also performed their Livin’ On A Prayer production to the rest of key stage two in assembly which received a rapturous applause from everyone. They have been researching and experimenting with the water cycle in Science and learning lots of information about the course of a river, which was clear to see when we went on our walk to the River Torridge. There have been some incredible efforts with the homework tasks which have been showcased in our ‘Hall of Fame’ and alongside all of this, our fast paced hockey and circuit training in PE is making the children work extremely hard. We’re sure you will agree, it has been a jam packed first half term in Dippers!

Enjoy your well-earned break and we look forward to hearing about the children’s half terms when they come back all raring to go for the Christmas half term!

Welcome back to the new school year! I hope you have all had a restful six weeks over the summer and are ready to go for another exciting year at St. Mary’s. This year in Dippers will be Mr. Downing and Mrs. Runeckles with Mrs. Edwards teaching whilst Mr. Downing is on planning time and Mr. Robinson will be teaching the ICT.

There are a few key points of information that we would like to make you aware of for the upcoming year. You should have already had a letter but just to remind you again, PE for this year will be on a Wednesday (indoor) and a Friday (outdoor). Their kit should be put in the lockers provided outside of the class alongside their reading books from the library, coats and bags with packed lunches etc.

Homework for this term will be linked to our topic Water Worlds and the children will be expected to complete homework tasks every week. The programme for activities is stuck inside the front cover of their homework books and alternates between a writing/sketching activity and an online MyMaths task. The children will be given individual MyMaths logins and shown how to access the tasks from home, in school. We will be doing weekly times tables tests in class so the children will need to be practicing them at home and to ensure they can complete the personalised reading activities in their reading diaries, should be reading their books on a daily basis.

If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to visit us in the classroom. Hopefully you and your child are looking forward to this year and I am sure that we will have a fantastic year together!