Y3 - Merlins

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 3 Summer Term 2016

We are so excited about our summer topic! Rio Olympics 2016!

We have started by researching where Rio is in the world. We then wanted to find out about how the country is different from Great Britain. We were interested in the Amazon Rainforest so researched into the different layers. After looking at a world map we noticed where all the rainforest seem to be and have acted as a weather presenter to give the typical weather in a rainforest!
The different animals that live in the rainforest gave us great inspiration for our English poetry topic too.

To begin the summer term we researched animals in the Amazon Rainforest. We have looked at different shape poems and poetry features and written our own amazing poems! While researching we were shocked by the statistics for Jaguars and Cheetahs whose natural habitiat at it. This has motivated us to do something about it! As a class, we are currently voting to decide which endangered animal we would like to help.
Our new english focus is persuasive writing so we will use our persuasive skills to help as much as we can.

We have recently planted our own sunflower seeds and are waiting to see them grow!

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We have just finished our multiplicative reasoning block where we learnt a new method for multiplying large numbers (Grid Method) and another new method for dividing large numbers (Bus Stop Method). We have worked through real-life word problems that link to the rainforest.
Ask us to show you our amazing muliplcation and division skills!

Spring Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 3 Spring Term.

Sport Relief

We have been sporting champions for Sport Relief. We taught our friends from reception how to skip so that they could take part in the skipathon. We were very impressed with how resilient they were! We enjoyed teaching other people how to skip and all the teachers were very pleased with our positive encouragement!

230301  230302   230303


Some of us challenged the Blackcaps in a Rounders match! We drew 6:6!

To begin our plant topic we found real plants and roots in our school garden “it was like a treasure hunt” Amber was saying excitedly! After discussing the parts of a plant it made us wonder if a plants flower can change colour. We investigated by placing carnations in different coloured food dye. There were lots of questions such as “Can we make it two colours?”. After thinking about this question Harry had a creative idea of cutting the stem in half. He thought that each part of the stem could transport the different colours to the flowers petals. We were thrilled that it worked!

 230308 230304 
 230306  230305 230307   230309

Visitor from Barnstaple museum
We were amazed and excited to have Stone Age artefacts in our classroom. After discussing what the objects were we predicted what they would have been used for and why they were important to Stone Age people. It was exciting to find out that most of the objects were found locally, some were even found at Westward Ho! beach.

230328   230334 230333  230332 
 230331  230330  230329  230327


After looking at Stone Age pottery we designed our own and have made them using air drying clay. Theo said “I am surprised at how difficult this is, but now I know what it would have been like for a Stone Age person to make their own pots.” Everyone enjoyed carving patterns into their unique pot and the finished result was outstanding!
What do you think?!

 230319 230321  230324  230325 
230310  230311   230312  230313
 230314  230315  230316  230317
 230318  230320  230322  230323

Merlin’s have had great fun so far during this half term.

Our current maths focus is fractions and we have been using problem solving skills to answer tricky questions, find equivalent fractions to half and find fractions of pupils in the class!

 110321  110323 110325 
 110326  110327  110328

After learning different story features we have written amazing Stone Age stories. Some of our stories even have speech marks when our characters are talking to each other as well as other punctuation. They also have super descriptions for the setting of the cave or wood.
Our new English focus is poetry. To begin we visited the Burton Art Gallery to look at the different poetry they have on display.
Whilst there we admired the art work which other schools have been doing and we were all very excited to see the brilliant St Mary’s Primary School section of the exhibition! These are photos of some of our favourite pieces of art. Ask us what we think about them ?

110301  110302 110308
 110303  110304  110305
 110307  110309

World book day
Everyone enjoyed getting dressed up for world book day. You can guess one of our favourite characters by this photo…

As part of world book day Merlin’s shared one of their favourite books with someone in year 6! Some of us have even decided to read the book that was shown to them by someone else because “it was so exciting hearing the beginning of the story so I want to read more!”

110310   110311  110312 110317 
 110313  110314  110315  110318
110319   110320

We have visited Bideford Collage this week and were lucky enough to be coached and take part in multi-skills games which have helped us develop different physical skills. “This was really fun because we could play different games and practise our running.”

110330   110331


Topic/ Art

In PE we have been exploring dance sequences and movements in the style of people and animals from the Stone Age! We have explored how people would have moved when hunting and gathering. We have also created dance motifs of animals being hunted. This has linked well with our art learning as we have enjoyed looking at a range of cave art. We have looked at symbols and patterns that would have been painted on the walls in caves and have had a go at creating some of our own Stone Age art using charcoal. After looking at Stone Age paintings of people and animals we have used watercolour paints to show what we think could be found in a cave! Some pictures will be displayed in the Burton Art Gallary for the public. Maybe you would like to walk down and take a look!

English/ DT/ Science

In science we have been learning about healthy eating, different food groups and how to keep healthy.

Fruit Tasting

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280115 280116 280117


In English we have had a fun couple of weeks planning ‘what makes good’ instructions and deciding which healthy ingredients to top our pizza with! In D T this week we have made our healthy topped pizzas and written exciting instructions of how to make them yourself ?
We prepared different vegetables so that the toppings of the pizzas were healthy and yummy!

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280102 280104 280106
280107 280109 280108


In maths we are going to calculated how much our pizza costs to make, by giving each ingredient a price and working out the price of each slice with the different toppings!
We have been working on applying simple number bonds to answer missing number questions e.g. 23+___=100. Another way we have been developing our mental maths strategies is by looking for relationships between numbers in calculations.

We have had a busy first week back!

We have enjoyed reading ‘Sam and Dave dig a hole’ and have thought about the hidden meaning of the story. We found the story quite funny because although the characters were resilient they needed to work as a team to complete the challenge! We have thought about how we can complete challenges by working well with our learning partners.

In English we have written instructions for ‘how to make a cup of tea’ and can explain the features of instructional writing.

After creating New Year’s Resolutions we were excited start our Stone Age topic! We have thought of lots of questions we would like to find the answers to. We have had two visitors from Buzzards who brought in fossils from the Stone Age to share with us. They were brilliant at explaining what fossils were. We are looking forward to finding out more about the Stone age!

110102 110103

Autumn Term.

To view the Curriculum Overview for the Autumn Term please click here.

Merlins have really enjoyed learning about our first topic this term. We have finished our fantastic leaflets about mountain animals which we really enjoyed reading to our ‘learning buddies’ in reception.

We have started our new literacy unit which is based on a story called the “Winters Child”. We love this story because “the illustrations are amazing” and “there’s really good describing”. Also the “character is really kind to his family”. We look forward to writing our story of the “Springs Child” where we will apply our learning such as noun phrases and adverbial phrases.

In maths we have being learning about geometric reasoning where we have been focusing on angles, types of lines and 2D and 3D shape.

Everyone has improved amazingly in swimming this half term! We have had so much fun but do have our last swimming session on Wednesday 9th December!

We had a very busy half term in year 3!

Our topic for this term is Mountains and Rivers. In our topic lessons, the children have been learning about the features of mountains and rivers as well as looking at different mountains and rivers from around the world. We enjoyed writing a leaflet of all the different equipment needed to climb Mount Everest!

In English so far we have written great mountain poems using rhyme, adjectives and similes. We also wrote a story based on the lifecycle of a bear. We enjoyed reading our Bear stories to the children in reception and after the reception children showed us their mud kitchen and fun outside area!

We began our year 3 maths learning journey with a number focus  and now have a greater knowledge of place value.  We have practise applying this knowledge to calculations and problem solving activities. We are currently learning out time tables and applying them to word problems.

Our Science topic for the Autumn term is Rocks and Soils. So far we have been learning about different rocks and fossils. We have carried out investigations to find out more about different rocks and soils.

In addition we visited the beach to take part in a beach clean. Before our beach clean we used recycled objects to create a piece of work which can be seen at Bideford Tesco!

We have also visited the Burton Art Gallery and learnt lots of information about Bideford Black! Whilst at the Burton Art Gallery we looked at local artists different work and chose our favourite and had a go at some Bideford Black art ourselves!

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151104 151108 151109