Y3 - Turnstones

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 3 Summer Term

Turnstones have started the summer term continuing with writing poems in English. They wrote lots of fantastic shape poems about animals from the Amazon rainforest. The children have moved onto learning how to write in a persuasive style, so they have been learning how to build up evidence and arguments to create a persuasive piece of writing.

In maths the children have moved onto the Geometric Reasoning block where they are learning about lines of symmetry and reflection. They will also be deepening their learning about vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Our topic for this term is Rio Olympics 2016. In the first half of the term, the children will be doing lots of finding out about South America and Brazil. They will be learning about different aspects of the Amazon rainforest. This topic links with most of our learning across the curriculum. The children are learning how to create mosaic pictures, inspired by many mosaic art pieces found in Rio.

Spring Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 3 Spring Term.

Turnstones topic this term is the Stone Age. The children will be learning about the history of the Stone Age and how the use of tools developed over time. They will also be making some cave paintings to show family life.

In English Turnstones are learning how to write instructions. They are working towards writing a set of instructions for ‘How to make a pizza topping’. This links with our D and T topic of healthy eating where we will be learning about different food groups and how to keep healthy. They will learn how to prepare different vegetables so that they can design and prepare the toppings for their pizza.

In maths the children have moved onto a number sense block where we are extending their knowledge of place value and the number system  and applying these to word problems.

Autumn Term.

To view the Curriculum Overview for the Autumn Term please click here.

In English the Turnstones are learning how to write information texts. We are using our Mountain and Rivers topic for context and the children are working towards writing their own information text about animals which live in mountainous regions.

In Maths the children have been working hard practising their times tables. Most children know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and are working hard to practise the 3 and 4 times tables. Some children have been challenging themselves by learning the 6 times table! The children have been solving multiplication problems using their times table knowledge and they have had to use their reasoning skills.

The Turnstones have started making their sketch books; they have designed the front cover and are currently in the process of making their design using scrunched up newspaper which they will layer with coloured tissue paper and PVA glue.

Turnstones have finished wrapping and packing their 5 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. We are hoping to complete a few more with spare gifts. Thank you to everyone who has collected and brought in gifts for the shoe boxes.

Turnstones have made a fantastic start to the year and they have settled brilliantly into their learning.
Our topic for this term is Mountains and Rivers. In our topic lessons, the children will be learning about the features of mountains and rivers as well as looking at different mountains and rivers from around the world.

In English we have started the term by studying a poem called, The River. The children are working towards writing their own poem about a mountain, using rhyme; adjectives and similes.

In Maths we have started with a Number block where the children look at place value. In Year 3 children work with numbers up to 1000 and we are learning how to partition numbers, e.g. 536 is 500 + 30 + 6. The children can then use this number knowledge when they are working out calculations and problem solving with numbers.

In Key Stage 2, teaching French is compulsory. We have started our French learning with counting and the days of the week. The children will be learning, colours, the weather and some feelings over the Autumn term.

The Science topic for the Autumn term is Rocks and Soils. So far we have been learning about different rocks and fossils. The children will be learning technical words and names and they will carry out some investigations to find out more about different rocks and soils.