Y1 - Chiffchaffs and Pheasants

Summer Term.

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A trip to Northam for a day of sport.


Anyone for an ice-cream?

040702 040703

A  morning of music.


Is the seaweed always greener?


Gymnastics Jade (shows us a move or two)

090602 090603

Howzat!!! Cracking cricket


Away with the fairies. Magical learning.


Spring time is here


We enjoyed the visit from the RLNI.



We have been busy exploring our new Year 1 outside area.

020502 020503 020504

Colourful spring flowers



Spring has sprung


Ready for our eggstraspecial Easter egg hunt


Easter Holiday Homework

Easter Homework Letter

A trip of a (Lifetime!) Lifeboat

230302 230301 230303

In the faces of danger?

Finding the faces of 3D shapes.


Spring Term.

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Fireman Ben and his big red truck.


Chilling with a book.

100302 100303

Where does the lion sleep?


Overcoming hurdles in our way

210201 210202

Who’s the greatest hero of them all?


Working together

Spring Half Term Homework

This term our topic was superheroes and we have looked at describing them.
As optional homework we would like children to create their own superhero and write a descriptive story.

We would also like children to practice their Phase 3 & 5 sounds, using the flashcards we have sent home.

What’s the point in pointalism?
We explored how TV pictures are made up of lots of small dots and created our own art.

030201 030202

Even the weather couldn’t stop us looking for birds.


Super Stories.


“Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go”

The children have worked hard coming up with suggestions on how to solve Mary’s problem.


Not just clowning around.

Look at the teamwork and focus that children display in our circus skills lessons.


Traction Man… the greatest hero of them all!

Who is he? What has he done?


(Pic 3)

Please click here for the homework for the Spring Term.


Autumn Term.

Weather or not, here we come!

This half term we have had heavy showers and been blessed with sunshine.

We were fortunate to have the expertise of an FA coach in and children loved working together in small groups.

We took the time to remember how lucky we are and gave thanks to those that ensured our freedom.


Technology is a wonderful thing. We took a look behind the cover of a keyboard to find out how it works.


Come on and celebrate!

Before half term we celebrated our love of recycling with a visit from Mrs. Recycle.


We celebrated the gift of food with our Harvest Festival.


A festival of light – celebrating Diwali and other cultures.


Half Term Home Learning.

Next half term we will be learning about different celebrations from different cultures.  Please talk to an adult at home about celebrations they have been to.  If you have been to a celebration  (ie Wedding or Christening) please come back to school ready to share your experiences; you could bring in a picture too.


PE days
Outdoor PE – Monday afternoon
Indoor PE – Thursday Morning

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Travelling far and wide.

We enjoyed our flight to Rio and managed to work out if we could fit all of our teddies on the plane. Unfortunately, the weather was very wet and cold so we didn’t stay for long.

071001a 071001b

Our local visit was to the Burton Art Gallery where we looked at different art from paintings to pottery. The children really enjoyed describing what they saw.


We focussed on measuring different distances with our hands, rulers and measuring tapes.


Out of this world learning.

230901 230902 

The children have enjoyed exploring the role play area which is currently a boat.


We have re-designed our reading area so that it is a quiet calm area where children can explore the variety of books we have, while cuddling a teddy.


Our outside area has been a big hit with the children and has allowed them to easily make the transition from Foundation stage to Year 1.


PE days
Outdoor PE – Monday afternoon
Indoor PE – Thursday Morning