Y2 - Dippers and Jays

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 2 - Summer Term 2017

On Monday Keystage 1 enjoyed a fantastic sports day, taking part in running, jumping and throwing events.  The children had an amazing time and it was lovely to see so many supportive partents

Dippers class said a sad farewell to Mr Downing who left us on Wednesday to persue his football career.  We wish him lots of luck.

At the end of the week, we all took part in a church service, singing songs and celebrating our learning for this year.


This week in Year 2 we were very lucky to have two extremely talented artists come into our classroom and deliver a fantastic art day. The children learnt about composition on the page, sketched against the window sill for light and finally used some real ink to mark make and print to produce some fantastic pieces of artwork!

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It has been really busy this past week because we also took part in a tag rugby festival over at the Bideford Rugby Club. The children were split into seven teams and battled brilliantly all morning. Even though the weather was scorching this didn’t stop them from having a great time and showing off their amazing skills, always with huge smiles on their faces. Well done to everyone who took part and also those who came and cheered us on!

070705 070706 070707

We are really enjoying our new topic all about ‘Extreme Weather’. Over the past couple of weeks, we have researched weather in cities of the UK and have written our own weather forecasts. Then we worked in groups to perform our forecasts using our own maps and weather symbols to improve our performances.

230604  230605   230606

We have also been learning how to map read and how to use the compass points to find different parts of the UK. In groups we worked together, to make some treasure maps. We had to draw the pathways to scale- where 1cm was equal to 1m. Then we wrote a set of directions using measurement words, time adverbials and compass points.

230601 230602 230603



060606 060605

We have enjoyed the chance to play cricket with Russ from All Stars, both classes learned how to hold the cricket bat, throw and catch a ball and had the chance to play some small sided games. This introduction to the game is going to help us this half term as cricket will be one of the sports we are playing during our PE lessons.

060603 060604

This half term our topic is all about the weather. To start us off we have been studying the recent weather in the South West of England and comparing it with other parts of the world, drawing up a list of weather words and describing what we understand by the term ‘weather’  We have worked in pairs to make up some weather forecasts of our own which would be suitable for children. We decided that we needed to have some actions, props and a suggestion of activities to make it more interesting.


060601 060602

Last week we had the opportunity to take part in some All Stars Cricket sessions lead by Russ. The children learned how to bowl and catch a cricket ball. They were taught how to hold a cricket bat and then enjoyed the chance to play a small game, incorporating the skills learned during the session.

Linking with our Healthy Eating topic we have been acting out and writing our own versions of the Enormous Turnip. We worked together in groups to devise a new play and then created props before performing it to the rest of our class. We then designed a poster to advertise our play.

190501 190502

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy learning more about plants and what they need to grow. In our classes, we have looked at the life cycle of a plant and found out that plants need water, food, warmth and light to grow. At present, we are in the middle of an investigation- growing cress in the dark, cold and without water to see what happens.

050501 050502

In English and computing, we have researched and written persuasive posters and leaflets, encouraging people to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day- this will help us in our DT work where we are designing and making a healthy soup.

050503 050504

This term our topic is all about plants and healthy eating. Over the Easter holiday we collected labels from different foods and then found out where in the world they came from. So far, we have had fruits and vegetables from Morocco, Spain, Guatemala and Kenya.

We have also been growing some plants and bringing them into school, these include sunflowers, sweetpeas and cress.
Our maths is linked to measuring using metres and centimetres; soon we are hoping to measure the height of our potato plants and our beans.

200401 200402

Easter Holiday Homework

Easter Holiday Challenges

Last week Yr 2 visited Bideford College to support some of the pupils with their Sports leaders’ assessments. We took part in a dance style warm up and also cups and dishes. We also enjoyed playing parachute games and learning some new football skills.

230301 230302

This week we visited Rosemoor Gardens in Torrington to support our art work. Unfortunately the weather was very wet, however despite this we enjoyed the chance to make natural sculptures from the fallen petals, leaves and twigs found round and about. We visited the ‘Green ship’ and used this as inspiration for our own paintings back in school.

230303 230304

Spring Term.

Click here to view Year 2 Curriculum Overview - Spring Term.

Over the last two weeks Year 2 have been looking at telling the time in Maths and using real clocks to show where the hands should be. We linked this to our learning of clockwise and anti-clockwise turning that we did previously with B-Bots.

060301 060302

As well as dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day, Year 2 have been taking part in some entertaining PE lessons on badminton and football. We have used our skills of co-ordination and communication to be the best sports stars we can be!

060303 060304 060305

Before half term Year 2 went to Bideford College for a morning to take part in some multi-skills events with other local schools.
We enjoyed parachute games, skipping, football and badminton and liked the chance to meet new children and make new friends as well as getting fit.

200201 200202 200203

Our new topic links to codebreakers and spies, so far we have found out all about Alan Turing and have taken the online ‘Turing Test’ with an online chatbot. We have also looked for objects and machines in our classroom which need an algorithm to function.

To view the homework for half term, please click here.

This week in Dippers and Jays we have been continuing to find out all about leaders and the qualities needed to be a great leader. We watched an animation of the Bible story ‘Moses and the Burning Bush’ and then in groups acted it out, thinking about Moses and how he felt being asked to undertake such a challenging task of leading his people out of Egypt.

300103 300104

In Art we are enjoying finding out about Van Gogh and Banksy and comparing their styles of artwork. We experimented with colour mixing, making light and dark shades and then used these to paint our own sunflowers.
The children have brought in amazing works of art from home- we are so impressed with them,!!


This week in Dippers and Jays we have been turning into real life mathematicians and collecting data from around the classroom. We scanned the classroom for creatures that are normally found in arctic conditions, then recorded this as a tally chart and answered questions relating to all of these statistics.

160101 160102

As part of our work on ice explorers we have been linking our RE and history together and thinking about what made Ernest Shackleton a good leader. We acted out his voyage and used freeze frames to show the emotions of his crew at different points in the expedition.

160103 160104

Jays and Dippers have been really busy over the Christmas holiday finding out all about Polar Explorers as well as life in the Arctic and Antarctic. They have made models of polar scenes, PowerPoint presentations about Explorers and have also created food chains from soft toys. We are really enjoying our new topic and have already found out about the Expeditions of Ernest Shackleton and the artwork of Frances Hatch.

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050104 050106 050105


Please click here for the Christmas holiday homework challenge.

This term outdoor PE will be Monday afternoon and indoor PE on Wednesday.

Autumn Term.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in Year 2. First we were visited by Lindsey from the Bideford Fire Station. She taught us all about to keep safe in our homes and what to do if there was a fire, we practised keeping low and moving along the ground under the smoke. We also had the chance to dress up in all the firefighter’s uniform. The boots were very heavy!!


As the weather has been so chilly we decided to make ice sculptures to hang in the trees. We put lots of leaves, berries and seeds in the sculpture to make them beautiful, then we waited overnight for them to freeze- they looked beautiful hanging in the willow arch.

061201 061202 061203

This week we are performing our Christmas production to the school and then our families. We have really enjoyed learning all the songs and adding lots of actions.


In our Maths this week we have been focussing our learning on multiplication and using lots of different methods to help us solve these tricky problems. Firstly we understood that it could be shown as repeated addition with numicon and now have moved on to arrays which we drew in our books and on the path outside!

211101 211102

During English we have started to look at instruction writing and using the book ‘How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ to help us. We had a great time acting out the instructions that included imperative verbs and also enjoyed creating our own instructions.

211103 211104

It is that time of the year where we have been practicing our Christmas production and the children have all been allocated roles. The rehearsals are going well and the children are performing brilliantly as well as singing their hearts out. We look forward to showing all of you the finished product!

Since returning after half term we have been focusing on shape work during our maths lessons. We have identified 2D and 3D shapes around the school and have drawn symmetrical patterns and pictures we have also been sorting 3D shapes using Venn and Carroll diagrams

In history we are finding out about Mary Anning and the Ichthyosaur fossil that she found in Lyme Regis in 1824. We have taken part in role play activities and have written a diary extract as if we were Mary on the day she discovered the fossil.

Our English work involves reading a dual voice text about dinosaurs and what they eat. The book is written from the viewpoint of the dinosaur and the scientist. We are using this structure to write our own information text about big cats and what they eat.

071101 071102 071103

Half Term Home Learning.

As part of our Stones, Bones and Bumps in the Ground Topic, after half term we will be learning about fossils and hunter-gatherers (cavemen),  Please talk to an adult at home, look in an information book, or research online  for information about this. If you find something interesting bring it in to share with the class.

PE this year:
Jays class will have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays
Dippers Class will have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays
Last week children in Year 2 walked down to the Burton Art Gallery and Museum to take part in ‘Project 65’ commemorating 65 years of the Museum. During our visit we looked at a number of paintings and used our senses to engage further with the pictures. We also had the opportunity to look at some of the more unusual artefacts in the museum’s collection such as a ‘grandad collar’ and a piece of Roman pottery.
031001 031002

In class we have been making ‘touch and feel’ dinosaur books to share with the reception classes. Firstly, we designed our page and thought about the best material to use, then we made our pages and finally added a fact about our chosen dinosaur. We are really looking forward to sharing these with Barn Owls and Magpies next week.

031003 031004
031005 031006 031007

This week year 2 have been learning about estimating and measuring in maths. We have used cubes and rulers to find the lengths of different objects and will be going on to scale them up and down in size. In literacy our new sequence is all about writing fantasy stories. We are basing this around our dinosaur topic and have devised plans to capture the deadly Megalosaurus. This has ranged from enticing it into a lava volcano to setting up an electric fence protecting the other dinosaurs in the clearing. We have also made dinosaurs from playdough- adding key features and writing name labels for them. Despite the awful weather at the start of the week we still managed to have PE, practising our throwing skills within the classroom.

200901 200902 200903
200904 200905
Children have been very excited to find out about our new topic for this term, ‘Stones, Bones and Bumps in the Ground’.


We have read lots of dinosaur poems and have enjoyed the opportunity to read books and poems in our new reading areas.


During our learning this year we will be concentrating on our religious values.


Over the last two weeks Year 2 have been looking at telling the time in Maths and using real clocks to show where the hands should be. We linked this to our learning of clockwise and anti-clockwise turning that we did previously with B-Bots.

Photos 1 and 2

As well as dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day, Year 2 have been taking part in some entertaining PE lessons on badminton and football. We have used our skills of co-ordination and communication to be the best sports stars we can be!

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