Y5 - Goldcrests, Greenfinches and Razorbills.

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview -  Year 5 - Summer Term 2017 

Y5 have been busy designing, making and programming Moon Explorer buggies.  They have combined the creative and practical elements of the design process with the technical aspects of coding Crumble boards.  They’ve done really well to work in mixed groups, and have been really engrossed in meeting their challenge!


140702 140703 140704

Recently, Razorbills have applied their maths learning about area to help solve a practical problem.  By measuring and calculating the area of the environmental play space, they have been estimating the cost of providing bark chips to make the area accessible during wetter weather.

300601 300602 300603
300604 300605 300606
300607 300608 300609

On Thursday, we travelled to Tapeley Park for the music festival, Mix on the Move. It was VERY wet but our spirits were still high as we sang together, learnt how to hold and play different instruments and saw a whole host of performers from rock bands, acoustic sets, string quintets, swing bands and even the Devon Teachers’ Rock Choir. The kids were fantastic and didn’t grumble even though we had a soggy walk home!

300610 300611 300612
300613 300615 300617

Twelve year 5/6 children competed in the second round of the country qualifier rounders tournament.  They played incredibly well and missed out on 2nd place by only one point. 

 160601  160602

In English we have been looking at Theseus and the Minotaur and have been writing our own version of the story.



Greenfinches’ afternoon class were really lucky to be visited by Leon’s new pet guinea pig – Ginger and Zoom. We all got to hold them (if we wanted to), stroke them and ask all the important questions about looking after a guinea pig!

260501 260503
260504 260505 260502

*Disclaimer: we apologise in advance if the children all came home asking for a new family pet!

On Tuesday this week, Year 5 were visited by Odysseus – the mythical ancient Greek general – who defeated armies, faced gods and outsmarted a cyclops. We got the chance to relive what it was like to be men and women in contrasting cities Athens and Sparta, as well as trying on some of the armour and hearing some of the traditional ancient Greek tales.

As part of their learning about Space, Y5 children have been moving like elements of our solar system.  Trying to emulate the combined motions of the Sun, Earth and moon they found things a little bit dizzying at times!

090508 090509 090510

Year 5 have really got stuck into their book ‘Alex Rider: Stormbreaker’ – we’ve really enjoyed exploring espionage by researching spies of the past, creating fake identities and here we are studying our fingerprints.

090505 090506 090507

We’ve been really lucky in Year 5 to have a coach to come in every Tuesday and help us with our P.E. Our golf skills have really improved as we’ve learnt the different techniques whilst driving and putting. Here we are putting, remembering to “Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Rock your shoulders.”

090501 090503 090502

The focus this term is ‘Spies’ with a specific focus on our key text, ‘Alex Rider Stormbreaker’.


The children have loved the narrative so far and have started producing some information text writing for their new gadget inventions they produced for homework.

280406 280407 280408
280401 280402 280403 280404

Also this week, children have been following up on the ‘Salty Seeds’ experiment we started in Science week before the Easter holidays.  We have separated the plants from the soil, measured the roots and recorded the results.  Our final job will be to analyse our data and compare it to our original hypothesis.

 280409  280410  280411
 280412  280413  280414

Easter Holiday Homework

Topic Homework - iSpy

Spring Term

Last week was really busy: we celebrated Science Week as a school; cooked lots of tasty Fairtrade goodies; and raised money for Red Nose Day.


Science Week was jam-packed with activities from Chemistry to Biology to Physics. On Monday, we began our Salty Seeds investigation where we researched Mexico and its climate. Did you know that a big proportion of Mexico’s land is arid and dry? Ask your Year 5 why this may be a problem for the farmers and their seeds (here’s a clue: salt!).

240302 240303
2403pi 2403pi2 2403pu

We also continued our investigations into levers, pulleys and cogs but rotating around 4 activities, exploring these areas.  As you can see, this was real hands-on stuff and the children experienced for themselves the effects of simple machines on forces.


Did you know that our eyes and our brains play tricks on us all the time? Here we are creating our own optical illusions.

240305 240306

Finally, we were lucky enough to be visited by Steve at Explorer Dome on Thursday; he showed us some amazing tricks that at first looked like magic but, on closer inspection, was just some clever Science!

240307 240308 240309

Continuing our work on our South American Rainforest topic, Year 5 went on a day trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  We experienced first-hand the hot, humid conditions described in our core text ‘Journey to the River Sea’, as well as marvelling at the diversity and beauty of the plants which live in such conditions.  We also did a workshop in the afternoon,  in which we pretended to be explorers.  We found out about resources that rainforests can provide for human survival, including food, medicines and shelter, and learnt about the importance of preserving global rainforests for future scientific study.

170301 170304 170305
170306 170308 170309
161206 170303 170307

We really enjoyed our time at the Eden Project and we couldn’t wait to get back and retell the events in the style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


We’ve used humour to exaggerate some of the events.



Continuing their work on forces in Science, Y5 have been investigating the features of a good buoyancy aid / boat for carrying loads.  We found out that the best flotation devices have large volumes of air in the middle.

030304 030302 030303
030301 030305 030306

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To view the homework for half term, please click here.

In maths Year 5 have been investigating prime numbers, looking at factors.  Now that we can find factor pairs for any number we have been comparing factors of numbers to see if they have any in common.

Our English focus has been on the distinction between formal and informal writing.  Our continuing story 'Journey to the River Sea' has provided opportunities to discuss when these tones might be appropriate between characters, and we have begun to write a formal but crictical letter from the point of view of the main protaganist Maia.

Year 5 have been continuing their work with Forces in Science. Did you know that Galileo discovered that all objects fall at the same rate IRRELEVANT of mass?!


As part of this week’s task, we were contracted to design a new parachute for a sky-diving company. We had to decide what we were going to change in our experiment and what we were going to keep the same. Some of us changed the size, whereas others changed the materials and some changed the shape of the parachute.


I wonder which parachute fell the slowest…

270103 270104

In their work on forces, Year 5 have been investigating the variables that affect air resistance.  As part of an investigation – focusing on changing only one variable at a time – children designed paper helicopters to take part in a class competition.

200101 200102 200103


The year 5 children have been getting stuck into their learning this term, with their main focus being South America and the Rainforests.
The children have been developing their sensory descriptive writing where they have been using poetic devices to create vivid images in the readers’ mind. It has been amazing to see an improvement in the quality of their writing across all three classes.  

160103 160104

The children have also been using their Geography skills to research different South American flags, population, capital cities, and climate. The children in Goldcrests have produced this display to show their learning.  


Year 5 are really enjoying our class text – Journey to the River Sea. It’s a story about a young orphan, named Maia, who moves to be with her long lost family in the Amazon. It’s full of adventure… We love it!


In Greenfinches, we have been looking at artists from South and Central America – here is a mural that we have started. These are people who inspire us…


Autumn Term

After a busy couple of weeks preparing for the Christmas production,

16.12.01  161202


the children relaxed and let their hair down with an end of term party.

 16.12.03  16.12.04
 16.12.06  16.12.07

This term in Science, Year 5 have been learning about Materials. This week we were sorting them in different ways, going on a material hunt and deciding what material would be best for each purpose.

Here we are sorting different materials such as plastic and metal


We sorted the materials into different piles.


We also enjoyed getting SPOTTY to raise money for Children in Need.

Celebrating Children in Need


Year 5 celebrated the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ on Tuesday 1st November and took part in several different activities. They learnt about the traditions and festivals celebrated during this time as well as learning about Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  


Rangoli patterns using symmetry and reflection.

021102b 021102a 021102c

Diva lamps created from salt dough.

021103 021103b

Silhouette images of Hindu buildings using chalk.


Diwali sweets.

The children also completed their design and technology project of designing and making a dinosaur using levers and linkages.

021105 021106
021107 021108 021109

Half Term Home Learning.

Please click here for a copy of Year 5's home learning.

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All of Year 5 spent the day at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park on Monday – we loved exploring the grounds and finding out even more about our topic Dinosaur Discovery!


We discovered all sorts of information about bugs, reptiles and the animals at the park. We even got to meet some dinosaurs! ROAR!

13102 131003

This week in Year 5, we have been looking at solving real-life problems. Grandad has left Anna with the task of tending to his garden, but his prize-winning rhubarb was at risk!

Anna was given a 700ml container and a 400ml container to figure out how she could water the rhubarb with EXACTLY 100ml – can YOU solve the problem? Year 5 did!


The children in Goldcrests have been using their understanding of measurement to carry out an investigation about capacity. The children worked well together to investigate how to leave themselves with 100ml using only one container which can hold 700ml of water and another which can hold up to 400ml of water. The children learnt so much during this investigation, which really put their resilience skills to the test.

290903 290904

Year 5 had lots of fun celebrating Roald Dahl day - here we are solving problems inspired by Roald Dahl's books.


150901 150902
150903 150904 150905

They have been looking at plant life as part of their Science learning and have been dissecting flowers; identifying parts of the flower and looking at flower reproduction.

150906 150907
150908 150909 150910
150913 150911 150912