Y6 - Herons and Wrens

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview - Year 6 - Summer Term 2017

Year 6 had their performance of Bugsy Malone this week at the Devon Hall, Bideford College. The show was a fantastic success with an audience of over 250. Well done Year 6 you were fantastic!

140701 140702

140703 140704 140705 140706
140707 140708 140709 140710

Year 6 have been very busy practising Bugsy Malone for the end of Year Show – Professional photos to come soon!

PGL pictures

210701 210703 210712
210702 210704 210705
210709 210708 210710
210711 210713 210715

Carrying out a maths investigation called Frogs and Toads using counters to see how many moves it takes for them so swap lily pads.

160601 160602 160603

We have continued going to WINGS every Thursday where we have enjoyed stating our activities: woodwork, animation, mechanics and fitness.

160604 160605 160606
160607 160610 160611

We have started doing cricket in PE with a specialist.

160614 160612 160614

Year 6 had an exciting-if wet- day at Northam Burrows, where they explored the sand dunes and rock pools.

 240501 240502   240503  240504 240505
 240506  240507


Year 6 have also began their project at Wings, which involved a team building session. There were many hilarious moments when children desperately tried to make an after eight mint move from their forehead to their mouth, using movement only of their head and faces.

 240508  240509 240510   240511
240512 240513 
 240514 240515 

Steve Manning lead a Mayan workshop, telling children the story of two archaeologists, and some traditional Mayan stories. Children re-enacted some story scenes using freeze framing.

 240516  240517 240518 


SATS revision the fun way – a ‘Grammar Treasure Trail’ in the blazing sunshine!

110501 110502 110503

Year 6 were energised for SATS through the fuel of breakfast: bacon baps or flapjack and toast provided by the kitchen staff. Can you spot who is photobombing?

110504 110505

Finally, children celebrated the end of SATS with delicious cup cakes! However, many of the children would like to do SATS week again, so that they can have breakfast, cakes and very long breaks.

110507 110506 110508

Whilst Year 6 have been practicing really hard for their approaching SATS, they have also had a chance to enjoy the weather, playing rounders on the field. Herons won the first week; Wrens won the second week. Who will win next?

280401 280402 280403
280404 280405 280406

Easter Holiday Homework

SPAG 5 a day 

Maths Easter Homework

Year 6 Residential Information

Barton Hall PowerPoint to parents

Kit List for Residential

Year 6 SATS Information

SATS PowerPoint to parents

Spring Term.

The children enjoyed practicing skills in gymnastics that they worked on all term.

310308 310307

Science Week, including lots of demonstration and experiments, was lots of fun and discovery.

310302 310303
310304 310305 310306

Hands on maths! The children learnt how to calculate area and perimeter in a real-life context using a map of the school grounds.

160301 160302 160303

In groups, we used the formula for calculating volume and solved missing number problems involving this.

160304 160305

Moving on from handstands, children have been practising making bridges in gymnastics.


In English, children created their own unique ‘Flanimals’.

160306 160307 160308

Children presented their independent research projects on different biomes.

160310 160311 160312 160313

Gymnastics returns

020301 020302 020303

Creating a story map for English

020304 020305 020306

Having World Book Day Fun

020307 020308 020309

Making shortbread in maths


Click here to view Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Spring Term

Spring Term 1 Half Term Topic Research

Select an animal of your choice and make notes on the following:
•    its habitat and how it has adapted to live there;
•    its diet;
•    its size and appearance;
•    any other interesting facts about your chosen animal.

You will use these notes to make a fact file as part of your science work after half term. Remember you will need enough notes to be able to create a detailed fact file.

Year 6 have been learning to play High 5 Netball. Some of the children went to Bideford College to compete in an inter-schools competition.

100103 100104 100105 100106

In our maths learning we have been making links between fractions, decimals and percentages.

100102 100101
100107 100108 100109 100110

The children have been given their Half Term home learning. Please take time to look at and complete the given task.

Year 6 have enjoyed studying gymnastics with a specialist teacher this term.

260101 260102 260103 260104 260105

The children have been undertaking exercises to develop their core strength to help them with their outcome of the perfect handstand.

As part of our topic Pole to Pole the children have produced some pastel artwork to depict tropical animals.

260106 260107 260108

Year 6 have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and sorting these according to their properties.

130101 130102 130103 130104

The children have been identifying and estimating angles.

130108 130106

We used construction materials to make 3D shapes.

130105 130107

For the Spring topic homework, please click here.

Autumn Term.

Click here to view Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term.

Pictures 1 - 3
Year 6 have been learning about cogs, levers and mechanisms as part of their DT project.
They learnt how to use a range of materials and how to use tools such as saws and drills safely.
The children worked collaboratively to plan, produce and evaluate their final outcome.


Herons learnt about E-Safety from Route 39 Academy. This was taught in Spanish and developed the children’s language skills. 

161206  161203  161204
 161205  161207  161208

This week the children have been learning about structures as part of DT.

We found out that structures made with triangualr shapes are the strongest.

The children used spaghetti and marshmallows and worked in teams to build the tallest structure.

011201 011202
011203 011204
011205 011206 011207

Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Bodmin Jail as part of their topic on Crime and Punishment.


They toured the prison and looked at the different areas including the old naval wing.

18.11.02 18.11.03

They learnt about different crimes and punishments throughout time

18.11.04 18.11.05

Year 6 debated whether Robin Hood was good or bad.  

041102 041103
041104 041101 041105
041107 041106 041108

Year 6 Children learnt all about the story of The Bideford Witches, receiving  a visit from Temperance Lloyd who was labelled a witch.

041109 041110 041111

Year 6 have begun to do football in PE this term.

041114 041113 041112


Half Term Home Learning.

To view the half term home learning, please click here.

Year 6 have produced some courtroom based art using the artist Priscilla Coleman.


Year 6 have been writing a description and an explanation of a Cracking Teacher Chair Contraption that they have designed themselves.

131004 131002 131003

Herons and Wrens ended their unit on handball by having an inter- class competition.

131006 131007 131008

300901 300902 300903

Children have created picture maps of one of the texts from Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions Manual. In groups, they presented their maps to the whole class, helping everyone to learn the text.

300904 300905 300908 300907

On Tuesday 27th September, Year 6 visited Burton Art Museum and Gallery, as part of Project 65. To help celebrate Burton’s 65th anniversary, they explored a number of art pieces and artefacts which inspired their writing of haiku poems on their return to school.

We have started our unit in indoor PE on circuits. As part of this, the children have learnt what happens to our bodies when we exercise, finding out that our heart rate increases and we perspire.


As part of Roald Dahl Day, the children designed and made a George’s Marvellous Medicine smoothie.

130903 130904
130902 130905
130906 130907 130908

This week the children were given a dictionary from the Rotary club. We would like to thank them for their generosity.



Spring Term 1 Half Term Topic Research

Select an animal of your choice and make notes on the following:

·      its habitat and how it has adapted to live there;

·      its diet;

·      its size and appearance;

·      any other interesting facts about your chosen animal.

You will use these notes to make a fact file as part of your science work after half term. Remember you will need enough notes to be able to create a detailed fact file.