Foundation - Barn Owls & Magpies

Summer Term.

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Have a lovely Summer!

We have had a lovely year together in Foundation Stage and cannot believe that it is time to say goodbye to all our children. We have been so proud of all their achievements this year and certain that their roots at St Mary’s Primary School are well and truly rooted and ready to flourish.

The children were very excited last week to see that the caterpillars had finally finished ‘changing’ in their chrysalis and opened up ready for the butterflies to come out. The butterflies were very tired and damp when they first appeared so they needed time to rest in the butterfly net. We made sure they had plenty of nectar and then a few days after they appeared we released them.
It was such a lovely experience to watch them fly away.

070701 070702 070703
070704 070705 070706

The children have been very excited this week.  Our little caterpillars that have eaten and eaten for the last two weeks, and who are now not so little, have shed their exoskeletons one last time and hardened into chrysalides! We are now waiting with much anticipation for our painted lady butterflies to emerge! We will keep you posted!


Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

The children had such a great time yesterday at the park despite the horrible weather. We were very proud of the whole foundation stage who embraced the experience and didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits one bit!
Here are a few pictures of our fantastic day.

090601 090602 090603 090604
090605 090606 090613
090607 090608 090609
090610 090611 090612

The children had such a fantastic time performing to all the parents and grandparents last Friday. They really did themselves and us proud. 
Thank you all for coming and supporting your children.
We have continued with the children’s interest in animals and moved our learning on to look at different habitats and what makes a good habitat. The children are really enjoying this and have made some fantastic habitats. They particularly enjoyed making bird nests from clay and raw materials found outside.

190501 190502
190503 190504 190505
190506 190507 190508
190509 190510 190511

The children have continued with the animal theme this week, learning about and exploring different habitats that animals live in. This has lead us nicely into practising for our Act of Worship next Friday called ‘Noah’s Ark.’  We have started  making masks and learning our lines and dance routines.
We can’t wait for everyone to see it!

050501 050502
050503 050504 050505

What a fantastic first week back after the Easter Break. The children have dived straight into their learning around animals and have spent this week finding out about all different types of animals and sorting, grouping and classifying them into various groups according to different criteria. We have lots more to learn and can’t wait to start making our own animal fact files next week. 

210401 210402 210403 210404
210405 210406 210407 210408

Spring Term.

The children have had so much fun in Science Week from watching balloons explode, making dry ice and erupting volcanos to using their sense of touch to explore sensory trays. The children have also spent time dissecting a range of fruits, exploring where the fruits have come from around the world and seeing how they grow. We have even planted the various fruit seeds and will be watching them closely over the next few weeks to see what happens.
 What a busy week!


240301 240305 240306 240307
240302 240303 240304 240312
240308 240309 240310 240311
240313 240315 240316 240314

The children had a fantastic day last Friday celebrating World Book Day. They especially liked the older children coming down and sharing their favourite stories with them.

031006 031007 031008 031009 031010
031011 031012 031013 031014 031015
031016 031017 031018 031019 031020
031021 031022 031023 031024 031025

This week we have been exploring shapes. Learning all about 2D and 3D shapes and finding shapes in our environment.
The children have been shape-tastic!

031001 03106 031002 031003
031004 031005

This week the children have had a lovely time walking through the park to visit the Burton Art Gallery.  After looking around they chose their favourite piece of artwork and had their photo taken with it.  When they returned to school they showed their friends and talked about why they liked the artwork they had chosen.

240201 240202 240203
240204 240205 240206

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The Post Office has been up and running and the children have had great fun visiting the Post Office to buy stamps, cards and wrapping paper or to send important letters etc. The ‘staff’ have also been busy weighing out the parcels, taking payments and logging information on the computers!
The children have also enjoyed making transient art both big and small with a range of objects, materials and mediums.

030201 030202 030203
030209 030204 030205
030210 030206 030207
030217 030208 030211
030212 030213 030214

Foundation stage have had a very busy start to the Spring term with improving our balancing skills in PE and Balanceability and building up our skills ready to open our very own Post Office. We have been exploring ways that messages are sent, improving our wrapping skills and working with numbers and money to make sure we are ready!

200101 200101 3
200102 200103 200104
200106 200107 200108
200109 200110 200111


Autumn Term.

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