Year 2 - Jays & Goldcrests

Summer Term.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview for Summer Term 2018.

In our maths work we have been weighing and measuring. We compared the weights of different fruits and vegetables, and measured the capacity of different liquids. We also used a ruler to measure the length of pencils and the sides of 2d shapes.

130701 130702

We are writing our own version of Mr Gumpy’s Outing- ours will be based in the Amazon Rainforest. To get us going we acted out different parts of the story and used puppets to retell our versions.

130703 130704

This week we have been finishing the writing of our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk – Some of our titles were; Imogen and the Sunflower, Charlie and the Rosebush and Kitty and the Beanstalk. We then designed a new front cover for our stories so that they could be published.

220601 220602 220603

We have also planted some bean seeds and already a few have germinated. Then we studied the life cycle of a bean and drew our own, labelling the key steps.

220604 220605 220606

We are learning how to spell the final set of tricky words. These are :
Mr, Mrs, should, would, could, whole, half, hour,

Over the past few weeks we have been creating different elements of artwork in order to make a huge jungle inspired collage. We combined leaves, grasses and hid pictures of ourselves, similar in style to the work of Henri Rousseau. Can you see where we are hiding?

080601 080602 080603 080604


Having researched the rainforests of the world in detail including the animals and trees found there as well as the climate conditions in each layer we created information posters to show our learning.

080605 080606 080607

We have been reading lots of books about the Rainforest and discovering how they are different across the world. We found out that not all animals live in every rainforest, such as the Tiger and Indian Elephant. We made posters of our facts to go on our class display.

250501 250502 250503 250504

Homework: Over the holiday please carry on with your reading and learning to spell the tricky words. We have virtually learned all of them now so please go through the list with your child.

We are really enjoying finding out more about the rainforest and the climate. We have written postcards home describing the weather in the forest and have identified different rainforests across the world.
In our maths we are investigating different ways to separate a 2 digit number into tens and ones and are using this to help us to subtract numbers mentally.

080501  080502  080503 

This week we have started our new topic all about plants and the rainforest. We have been finding out about the climate of the rainforest and locating them on a world map.

240401 240402

In our science we are investigating conditions for seed germination and considering what a plant needs to survive.

240406 240407 240408

We have been learning all about giving directions and helping Wally to find items on his map.

240403 240405

Our new set of tricky words to read and spell are:
move, improve, prove, steak, break, great, sure, sugar, even, eye

Spring Term.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview for Spring Term 2018.

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For half term homework, please click here.

In class this week we have been finishing off our topic all about Van Gogh. We created our own backgrounds for a starry night, experimenting with colour mixing. We used blue and white to create lots of different shades.

260301 260302


260303 260304 260305

We also took part in an Easter Experience, run by St Mary’s Church.  We learned about Palm Sunday and discovered that people waved palm leaves to welcome Jesus to Jerusalem.
Please note, outdoor PE next term will be tennis and will take place on a Wednesday. Indoor PE will continue to be on a Thursday. Please ensure your child has shorts to wear for this session.

This week is national science week in schools. We have been busy undertaking investigations and finding out lots of facts and information. In class we learned about Polar exploration and selected food, clothing and equipment we might need to explore on the polar ice. We decided that we didn’t need to take water to drink as we could melt the ice using our stove and matches.
We also worked in groups to release a plastic animal from a block of ice. Some of us smashed the ice, whilst others held it in their hands to melt it. We discovered that the quickest way to release the animal was to put it in hot water.

120304 120305

Finally we had a visit from Exmoor Zoo, and had the opportunity to touch a snake, see a tawny owl and a scorpion. Phew- what a busy week in year 2!!



120301 120302 120303

We have had a busy start to the half term already. On the first day back we took part in a whole school culture day. Children moved around classes learning about different countries and cultures. We made Chinese dragons, Hindu Diva lamps and Egyptian necklaces.

Last Monday both classes went to Bideford College to take part in a multiskills festival with Buckland Brewer and Appledore schools. We enjoyed working in mixed teams, improving our football skills, learning how to hit a tennis ball, score basketball goals and play parachute games.

010304   010305
010301 010302 010303

Please keep practising reading and spelling the tricky words. It makes such a difference to the quality of independent writing in class. – Many thanks.

Both year 2 classes have taken part in an art workshop at Appledore school. All the work we produced was linked to our topic of ‘Polar lands’ we had the opportunity to draw from memory and from observation. We also made polar bears from salt dough and added googly eyes.

050201 050203 050204

The main part of the day was used to make newspaper sculptures of polar bears which we then covered in foil and wrapped in mod-roc.

050205 050206
050207 050208 050209

Finally we worked in groups to make igloos from cardboard boxes and art straws. We had an amazing day and really enjoyed working with all the different materials.


We have been finding out lots about Ernest Shackleton and his Expedition to the Antarctic in 1914. We have been designing wanted posters- advertising for a brave and courageous crew. We also wrote a diary entry for the day we left Southend Port as part of the crew, describing how we felt and what jobs we had on board ship.

220101 220103 220102
220104 220105

Over the Christmas holiday we have been enjoying traditions that our families celebrate. We made various pieces of artwork to demonstrate this and then shared it in class. In year 2 we like decorating the Christmas tree, visiting the pantomime and having friends to stay.

060101 060102 060103

We have also been enjoying the chance to look at all the new topic books that have arrived. We tried to find out the answers to some the questions we set ourselves at the start of the term.

060104 060105 060106 060107

Autumn Term.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview for Autumn Term 2017.

For the Christmas homework, please click here.

In year 2 we are learning to read and spell some tricky words.
These are the new words we are learning over the next half term, please look out for them when reading with your child. It would also benefit your child to practise writing and spelling them.

Christmas       old      cold      gold       told        hold        mind          find           behind            every           everybody

In Year 2 we visited Rosemoor and St Mary's Church.

 071201  071202 071203 
 071204  071205  071206  071207


Homework for this week: If you have lines in the school Christmas play please practise them until you can perform your part without your script. Thank you

Last week both classes were visited by Devon and Somerset Fire Service in order to learn lots about fire safety. We were able to dress in firefighters uniform and discovered just how heavy the boots were, with their really think soles. 



We also talked about which items were safe to touch and which might be hot. Then we pretended we were escaping a building filled with smoke by crawling along the floor where the air was clear.


Finally we learned that if our clothes ever caught fire that we should ‘ Stop, Drop and Roll’ in order to put the flames out, but we must never run around as this would feed the fire and make things worse.


In Year 2 we are learning to read and spell some tricky words.

These are the words we are learning this half term, please look out for them when reading with your child.  You might also like to practise writing them.

mild, child, children, wild, climb, only, both, again, parents, because, most.

Over the half term holiday we have been really busy creating lots of amazing pieces of homework linked to our new topic of dragons.
Look at all the fantastic, creative ideas on our display

101101 101102
101103 101104
101105 101106 101107

In English we are using the book ‘Tell me a dragon’ to inspire us in our poetry writing. We have experimented with writing similes, changing word order and extending our sentences using ‘when’ ‘if’. Next week we are going to pick our favourite poem to make into a page for our class dragon book.

To view half term homework, please click here.

Year 2 had a fantastic day this week. They were lucky enough to be visited by ‘Lady Charlotte de Courtney, Sir John and his Squire Adrian. Our visitors showed us lots of medieval armour and weapons and we enjoyed helping Adrian to dress Sir John. We even had a chance to try on some of the armour ourselves. It was very heavy.

201002 201004 201005 201006

Later on, we all went outside and watched Sir John in battle- he showed us how to hold a sword and where the best place was to strike you opponent. We all had a brilliant morning and learned lots about being a knight in the 14th century as well as learning the names for different parts of a suit of armour.

201003 201008 201001

We have been finding out about different places castles were built. We looked at beaches, cliffs, valleys, near lakes an on mountains and talked about why each place may or may not be a suitable location for building a castle.


We completed our information block on knights and castles and have written our facts up for a page in an information book. We included key features of labels, pictures, captions, titles and main information. Some of us made our sentences even more interesting by including adjectives to describe our nouns.

031002 031003 031004

We have been in year 2 for a couple of weeks now and are really enjoying our new topic ‘Castles and Dragons’. So far we have undertaken lots of quests including building a lego castle, playing castle top trumps, making playdough shields and flags and sorting the King’s jewels.

220901 220902
220903 220904

In English we are looking at information books and identifying the key features, such as labels, captions, images and titles. We will be researching, designing and writing our own information pages for our class book all about castles.
What a busy start to the term.
PE in yr 2 is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.