Year 5 - Razorbills & Blackbirds

Summer Term.

Curriculum Overview  - Year 5 for Summer Term 2018.

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We were very fortunate to have a local historian come and visit us with some ‘Hands-on History’ last week.  The children were fascinated by his story telling, and asked many excellent questions about the items he had brought in to show us. Continuing our Ancient Greek topic theme this week, the children have been working in larger script writing groups to draft their own plays, based on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  In maths they have been consolidating their knowledge of time, for which they created their own clocks, or have been converting units of measurement to solve word problems.

Linking with our topic of Ancient Greece, the children in Year 5 have been researching Olympic athletes, using the information they have found and their knowledge of the structural features of the genre to write a biography

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Year 5 have been investigating capacity and volume in maths.  Checking  their estimations with measurements, they have found various 3-d shapes that have the same volume.

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We’ve been investigating materials in our Science in Y5.  One investigation we did was to find a ‘super tape’, deciding what to measure and how to keep our tests fair.

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In English we’ve been looking at Newspapers, starting with the layout features which we will need to include when we write a newspaper article about the Viking attacks on Lindisfarne as part of our topic work.

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As well as some experimentation with pBuzzes (child-friendly trombone type instruments) in Music, Year 5 have had a fantastic trip to Escot.  We experienced for ourselves many aspects of Anglo-Saxon village life, learned about plants as medicines, found our way through a maze and trudged through a bog!

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In celebration of warmer weather and a new growing season, children have been researching celebrations of Spring in various cultures and countries.


Our Art this term will compare styles and features of recognised artists beginning with Andy Warhol.


We have also recently been very fortunate to receive high quality football coaching from an FA trainer, who helped the children to advance their ball control and teamwork skills.


Spring Term.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview for Spring Term 2018.
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Last week Blackbirds and Razorbills completed lots of exciting science experiments as part of the national science week. We used our science topic of forces to explore some different concepts such as; friction and buoyancy.

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In maths this week we have been looking at shape and angles. We have had tape across the tables measuring angles to make our learning practical and fun. This enabled us to estimate and predict which angles we could see.

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In between getting outside to make the most of the snow, we had World Book Day, for which children dressed up and took part in a range of book related activities across the school. 

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Y5 have also been making their own ‘Theatre Book’ to present their writing, which extends some hot-seating work we’ve done on characters from our class text ‘Cosmic’.

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A busy start to the new half-term!  After ‘Cultures Day’ on Monday, Y5 have had an exciting trip to the ‘We the Curious’ science museum in Bristol.  To complement our school work about the Solar System, one of the highlights was the 3-D planetarium visit.

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This week year 5 have been continuing to work hard focusing on fractions in maths. We have been linking fractions to decimals and percentage equivalents, a very challenging concept.


Our space topic is being thoroughly enjoyed by all children especially as we have started creating our moon buggies. The children have been sawing and gluing their structures together ready to take part in the moon buggy race next week. English learning this week has focused on modal verbs and diary writing linking to our story “cosmic”.

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We’ve been creative, sporty and technical recently!  As well as making pom-pom’s to help us write effective instructions, we’ve also been to a tennis skills event at the new Atlantic Racquet Centre.  We’re also finding out about input/output devices in Computing, so that we can control our Mars Rover buggies later in a few weeks.

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Autumn Term.

Curriculum Overview for Autumn Term 2017

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What a busy week it’s been! We have completed our Christmas production. All the children worked really hard to memorise their lines and I think you would agree it was a success. Other Christmas festivities have been in full swing this week with Christmas card making, Christingles and decorating biscuits. I hope you all have a fab Christmas! We all look forward to seeing you in the New year ready to learn.

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In addition to our Children in Need dressing up, Year 5 have been doing some statistics work in maths, learning to read and interpret bar and line graphs,

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What a busy week it’s been!  Not only have we begun to learn the songs and words for our Christmas play, but we’ve been to RHS Rosemoor to investigate and measure trees to provide some data for our maths work in a couple of weeks. 


On top of that we’ve been lucky enough to have a Samba workshop with some local musicians, and a safety talk from the fire service.

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As a prelude to our topic work involving the water cycle in the Amazon jungle, Year 5 have been doing some hands-on science to find out about reversible and irreversible changes.

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As part of both our topic and English work, Y5 have had a very successful trip to the Eden Project this week. We did an educational workshop which involved conducting scientific measurements of plant sizes and colours, and had a good chance to look at the fascinating variety of plants on display.
We particularly enjoyed the ‘cloud simulation’ and the rooftop bridge, but we also saw lots of foods growing that we were familiar with – bananas, chillies, aubergines, lemons, sugar cane, cocoa pods, cola nuts….. there was such an incredible amount to see, it’s no wonder we were all tired on the coach home.

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The last two weeks in Blackbirds and Razorbill class has been very busy. We have been doing some exciting circuit training exercises in PE, focusing on our upper and lower body strength, as well as our stamina and trying to improve our personal bests.


In Maths we have been moving from place value to addition and subtraction. Mental methods for addition and subtraction have been taught using a range of games such as this matching one where the children had to match number through addition to create 100 or 1000.


In computing, the children have been getting creative with selection and variables.  Finding their own solutions to an if/then problem, they have also been learning how to keep a score, which they will apply when making a topic related quiz.


It’s been a busy start to the year for Year 5.  We’ve settled into our routines and expectations, and have started our text ‘Journey to the River Sea’ as part of our topic-related English work.  In Maths we’ve already learned a quick way to derive unknown times table facts, and have been learning about larger numbers. We’ve also done a fair bit of art work recently, both investigating mixed mediums to show what we did in our holidays, as well as looking at colour mixing.

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