Year 6 - Herons & Merlins

Summer Term.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview for Summer Term 2018.

Year 6 have been enjoying their visits to Lendon Barn Wings Southwest, where they have taken part in new activities including mechanics, woodwork, sports, arts and crafts as well as team work games.

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After working extremely hard for their SATS tests, we had a fun few days enjoying the Royal Wedding Celebration, playing rounders and visiting RHS Rosemoor Garden Centre.


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Year 6 have worked extremely hard preparing for their SATS tests which they sat this week. They have been productively revising where they took part in a SPAG treasure hunt, and have played maths games. The children enjoyed some downtime playing diamond cricket in between all of their hard work.

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This week we have been focusing on trying our best and preparing ourselves for the different SAT’s questions.

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Year 6 have been busy preparing for their SATS tests. This week we have been revising fractions, percentages and ratios using smarties.

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Spring Term.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview for Spring Term 2018.

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Year 6 enjoyed doing lots of experiments as part of Science week.

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In year 6 we have been learning lots about fractions, decimals and percentages.

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In science we have compared what happens when you place diet and ordinary coke cans in water.
We enjoyed learning about different cultures in our whole school cultures day.

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Year 6 enjoyed their time at the Atlantic Racquet Centre as part of the ACCT tennis festival.

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The children have enjoyed their first session doing football with Pete the PE coach.


Autumn Term.

Curriculum Overview for Autumn Term 2017

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The children enjoyed completing their learning on light with an investigation into shadows. In groups, they devised a key question to investigate, measure and record.

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Year 6 have been learning about electricity in their Science. This week they conducted some investigations around key questions. 

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Year 6 had a fantastic time at Bodmin Jail

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Year 6 celebrated Diwali by producing rangoli patterns.

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As part of PE, the children enjoyed taking part in a multi-skills activity session.

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The children have been learning about light in Science. They carried out experiments looking at filters and the colour spectrum. The children made predictions and were able to use scientific vocabulary to explain what they found out.

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This week Year 6 have had a hands on experience of digging holes to link with their key text in English, Holes by Louis Sachar. This experience will help them with their diary writing.


The children have enjoyed their PE sessions over the past week. They have had Tennis with external coaches from the Atlantic Racquet Centre. They have also been working hard during their fitness sessions using the HIIT sessions from Joe Wicks, The Body Coach.

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The children have been working hard, and they have settled well into their new classes. We have started our topic on crime and punishment and our core text Holes in English.

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