Year 4 - Wrens & Buzzards

Autumn Term.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview for Autumn 2017.

This week the children have been designing, making and evaluating Stone Age weapons and jewellery.  Over the last couple of weeks, children have had many learning experiences, including  a very exciting Ancient Egyptian day.  Children mummified tomatoes, made a shaduf ( a pulley system for getting water from the River Nile and ate Ancient Egyptian food, such as broad beans and dates. They ended the day with learning a dance to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles.

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To view half terms home learning, please click here.

Year 4 have made a fabulous effort with researching and creating Egyptian projects during half term!


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We have continued our science learning about teeth by carrying out an investigation to see the effects of various liquids on our teeth enamel!

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The children used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth as egg shell is a similar structure to tooth enamel – they both mainly consist of calcium. The liquids that they chose to investigate from were: cola, tomato ketchup, orange juice, water, black coffee and vinegar. We decided that we will observe what happens after one week.

Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt, exploring artefacts, sharing items, such as Egyptian clothing from home, and carrying out internet research on topics of interest.


We have had a fantastic time in science, carrying out an experiment to show the process of digestion. It was rather gruesome!

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We have been developing our sketching skills by completing the missing half of Tutankhamun’s face!


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We found out that the Ancient Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphics, so we had a go using water colours.



We have had a really exciting start to the Year, with learning based around the topic of Ancient Egypt! We have already created some Egyptian art pieces and have begun to research different aspects of this era. Today, we even had a visit from a mummified Pharaoh!

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