Year 4 - Wrens & Buzzards

Summer Term.

In Year 4, we have enjoyed learning about measure during outdoor maths and learning new skills in gymnastics.

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Spring Term.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview for Spring Term 2018.
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Last week, Year 4 had a wonderful Science week, doing lots of exciting experiments. We explored states of matter through a range of experiments, including ‘Sew an ice-cube’, ‘Raise the raisin’ and ‘Lava lamps.’ We also had a very exciting visit from the Story Tellers for the Easter Experience.

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In all subject areas, we have had lots of exciting learning opportunities. In Wrens, children really enjoyed creating Islamic patterns.

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Before the snow came, children were fortunate enough to celebrate World Book Day with lots of exciting costumes and activities.

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Wrens have started swimming this half-term, making some impressive progress.

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Wrens have been doing lots of science investigations, including looking at the weight of gases, using fizzy drinks!

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The children enjoyed creating eruptions as part of our science learning.

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Year 4 have had a very exciting week. This week began with Cultures Day, where children visited three different classes and learnt about three different cultures from the following list:  Thailand, Spain, Africa and Germany. Wrens have also started swimming, whilst both Wrens and Buzzards have started gymnastics with a specialist coach this week.



In Year 4, we have had an exciting few weeks, having a great pantomime day, where we dressed as pantomime characters and watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ performed by a visiting drama company.

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We have been striving to get fitter, participating in cross-country running in our PE sessions. Buzzards have visited the Atlantic Racquet Centre this week. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed putting the tennis skills that they have developed this year into practise on full sized courts.

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During our English learning the children have been engaged with our text ‘King of the Birds’ and are planning their own stories based on this text using other animal groups as a focus.

250117 250118

We have also focused on developing our number system understanding, using concrete apparatus to help us.

250119 250120


Year 4 have shared their home learning on different Christmas holiday traditions which has been very interesting. They have enjoyed continuing to do their Scratch project in ICT with the children teaching each other. As well as enjoying spending time together, children created models of the Earth to begin our topic ‘Extreme Earth.’

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Autumn Term.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview for Autumn 2017.

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Year 4 had a wonderful day at Rosemoor exploring the environment and making some super Christmas decorations.

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Our completed clay Canopic Jars!



As well as doing lots of singing in preparation for the KS2 Christmas Production, Year 4 have been participating in several art projects. As part of their Ancient Egyptian topic, children created canopic jars from clay. These were used by Egyptians to store internal organs removed from Pharaohs during the process of mummification!


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Wrens also made candles using tissue paper, silhouettes and a range of media for drawing and/or colouring.

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Buzzards created stained glass windows to depict the different parts of The Nativity Story.

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This week the children have been designing, making and evaluating Stone Age weapons and jewellery.  Over the last couple of weeks, children have had many learning experiences, including  a very exciting Ancient Egyptian day.  Children mummified tomatoes, made a shaduf ( a pulley system for getting water from the River Nile and ate Ancient Egyptian food, such as broad beans and dates. They ended the day with learning a dance to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles.


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To view half terms home learning, please click here.

Year 4 have made a fabulous effort with researching and creating Egyptian projects during half term!


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We have continued our science learning about teeth by carrying out an investigation to see the effects of various liquids on our teeth enamel!

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The children used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth as egg shell is a similar structure to tooth enamel – they both mainly consist of calcium. The liquids that they chose to investigate from were: cola, tomato ketchup, orange juice, water, black coffee and vinegar. We decided that we will observe what happens after one week.

Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Egypt, exploring artefacts, sharing items, such as Egyptian clothing from home, and carrying out internet research on topics of interest.


We have had a fantastic time in science, carrying out an experiment to show the process of digestion. It was rather gruesome!

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We have been developing our sketching skills by completing the missing half of Tutankhamun’s face!


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We found out that the Ancient Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphics, so we had a go using water colours.



We have had a really exciting start to the Year, with learning based around the topic of Ancient Egypt! We have already created some Egyptian art pieces and have begun to research different aspects of this era. Today, we even had a visit from a mummified Pharaoh!

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